Sparkly Black

Sparkly Black - Sandals
Sparkly Black - Sandales
Sparkly Black - Sandalias
Sparkly Black - Sandals
Sparkly Black - With My Sands
$83 USD

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The sparkly collection is a "classic", they twinkle with elegance and are available in 5 colors to suit any ensemble.

The style is very feminine allowing you to couple the sandals with jeans, trousers or that little black dress. The lighter colors work perfectly for summer days or even weddings and the darker range work effortlessly to bring a chic finish to your evening outfit.

5 Colors Sparkly Black – Sparkly Blue – Sparkly Bronze  Sparkly Champagne –– Sparkly White 

Material : Cow leather with colored sparkly beads

THE SANDS SIZE VERY SMALL, do not hesitate to look at our "Size Guide" - Click Here


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