Wild Lizard Beige

Wild Lizard Beige - Sandals
Wild Lizard Beige - Sandales
Wild Lizard Beige - Sandals
Wild Lizard Beige - Sandalias
Wild Lizard Beige - Sandals - with my sands
$67 USD

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For a more fierce look, the wild collection is full of character. Available in 5 different prints and colors ranging from elegantly natural to wild snakeskin allowing you to mix and match your outfit style from top to toe. Or perhaps a refreshing color to make your casual outfit stand out from the crowd.

5 Colors : Lizard Beige – Lizard Black – Lizard Blue – Lizard Gold Lizard Taupe 

Vegan Material : All our Lizard materials are made with a strong wax cloth, which keep the colors and patent through the time

THE SANDS SIZE VERY SMALL, do not hesitate to look at our "Size Guide" - Click Here


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