2024: Celebrating 11 years of With My Sands!

2024: Celebrating 11 years of With My Sands!

Why 11 years and not 10? Because in 2023, I wasn't in the mood for celebration. Let's just say, it wasn't the right time. But 2024 brings this new energy that makes me want to mark the occasion! to celebrate every moment! And besides, 11 years is a beautiful number too, it has its character!

Flashback: On April, 17 2013, I was at a creators' market in Dubai, I sold a hundred pairs of sandals in 2 hours! Since then, I'm proud to be able to take stock of the following:

  • Tens of thousands of pairs from the Classic collection, leather sandals with rubber soles sold worldwide.
  • 2 collections per year, and collaborations with prestigious brands, such as Dear Charlotte, Juliette C, and Louise Hendricks.
  • A booth at B to B trade shows, notably Who's Next Paris, Micam Milan, which help to develop sales in stores.
  • The recent collaboration with my partner/friend Carinne Abou-Huguet, bringing a great breath of freshness and professionalism to my brand.
  • The new Signature Collection, a collection that embodies the excellence and absolute elegance I've dreamed of for years for my brand. Work carried out in collaboration with an expert Compagnon du Devoir who oversees sourcing, production, and finishing alongside me.
  • A newly revamped website
  • A loyal and engaged community.

That's 11 years of an entrepreneur's life. I decided here today to share only the uplifting moments and successes because it feels so good to write, and, I hope to read too!