Parisian Wanderlust, Perfected!

Being a Parisian, I've spent most of my life exploring the world. Always eager for new destinations, cultures, and fashion, I've cherished freedom and the love of adventure.

After settling in the sunny Emirate of Dubai in 2009, I quickly wanted lightweight, simple, chic, and comfortable sandals to complement my outfits for all occasions. The first collection emerged in 2013, capturing my vision of simplicity and elegance. A uniquely styled sandal perfect for day-to-night wear, ensuring comfort, lightness, and refinement.

Today, With My Sands offers various collections with leather and rubber soles. Each model reflects my dedication to perfection, providing an unmatched sandal-wearing experience.

Welcome to the feminine, Parisian, and excellence-driven world of With My Sands.


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Discover the story behind the name "Signature"?

Signature embodies the result of several years of dedication, inspiring encounters, and thorough research to select the most prestigious leathers and find the most talented artisans.

For over 9 months, I've collaborated with Romain Masson, a renowned expert in the field of shoe and leather goods leathers. Together, we've come a long way to find exceptional raw materials that meet my demanding criteria, as well as the ideal manufacturing workshop. This collection symbolizes the very embodiment of my high standards in terms of quality, finishing, comfort, and style.

It seemed only natural to name it the Signature Collection, paying tribute to its excellence and the culmination of a brand project.