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Romain Masson: Crafting Excellence

Explore the world of exquisite shoe craftsmanship with Romain Masson, the exceptional artisan lending his expertise to our brand. A graduate of the French Compagnons du Devoir and a proud student of the Colbert Institute, Romain has passionately honed his skills over the years, earning recognition by winning a gold medal at a prestigious competition in Germany in 2001.

Specializing in leatherwork for footwear, Romain partners with our brand to bring his artisanal talent to the new leather collection we've created. His dedication to quality and perfection is evident in every detail, making each sandal both chic and comfortable.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our brand, representing superior quality and unmatched refinement. With the fusion of Romain Masson's artisanal experience and our commitment to timeless elegance, each model of sandals becomes a stylish statement.


Our commitment to excellence

The leathers handpicked to craft the sandals are meticulously chosen for their premium qualities—a natural surface grain achieved through a specific tanning process and their innate comfort owing to their suppleness. These are top-tier cowhide leathers that ensure the creation of exquisite products.