An obvious collaboration!

An obvious collaboration!

Some would say it's madness! Others say it's a no-brainer!
We think it's the right timing!

Carinne Abou-Huguet and I are immensely impatient and proud to announce our collaboration to develop my brand of With My Sands sandals.

For those who don't know With My Sands, it's a brand of leather sandals, created in 2013, in Dubai. With a resolutely chic and practical style, trendy and comfortable, WMS sandals are sold online and in about thirty stores around the world.

For those who don't know us, Carinne and I have been a duo for more than 10 years, a duo of friends and business partners in our respective entrepreneurial adventures: she with KeenBags (closed in Sept. 2023) and me with With My Sands.

This collaboration is much more than a professional opportunity. We combine our complicity in the service of creativity, our communication skills in the service of brand awareness, our knowledge of retail in the service of brand deployment in Europe and beyond...

In short, our ambitions are big, very big and we are ready.

For several months now, we have been working together on content writing and on the image of the new 100% leather Signature Collection that will be launched in March 2024.
This new collection developed with the expertise of Romain Masson, a Compagnon du devoir, and a graduate of the Institut Colbert, allows us to reposition the brand in a more upscale market.

The challenge is crazy, we take it with absolute energy and motivation.

So madness? A no-brainer? The right timing?

We think that this collaboration is necessarily a little bit of all of that and it gives us a lot of energy! It was madness to find ourselves embarked on a common entrepreneurial adventure. This is evident from these 10 years of synergy in our professional choices, in our knowledge of the retail market between the Emirates and Europe. The right time to start a professional collaboration based on friendship and absolute trust, the pillars of a quality association.

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