If there's one thing we love at With My Sands, it's crafting uniqueness, rarity, and reinventing our experiences. That's why we love collaborations.

A collaboration is, above all, a meeting. Then, it's a series of steps that allow us to produce a pair of sandals resulting from the work of 2 creators.


Coup de Coeur

The Coup de Coeur are the prerequisites for a successful collaboration, and that's exactly what defines our meetings with Vanessa Pinoncely from DEAR CHARLOTTE, Juliette Capillaire from Juliette C, and Agnès Roland from Louise Hendricks.

Vanessa / Collaboration Dear Charlotte

The Dear Charlotte sandal is our 1st collaboration. Vanessa and Mathilde met in Paris at the Who’s Next Salon in 2018.

As an obvious outcome between the two creators, the idea of a sandal that would carry a excusif jewel designed by Vanessa emerged in line with her sublime jewelry collections.

Created in 2018, the Dear Charlotte sandal has been the best-seller of With My Sands since then. With hundreds of pairs sold, it remains an iconic model available in 8 colors.

Juliette / Collaboration Juliette C.

Another model, another meeting, another story. Mathilde and Juliette have known each other since 2013 from Dubai.

Juliette launched her fashion brand for women, Juliette C.: trendy lines, worked silhouettes, blends of solids, and exclusive prints, all for active women's looks.

The desire to pair a pretty pair of sandals with her outfits also emerged as an obvious choice, with both creators aiming to highlight a modern and feminine personality. The Juliette sandal is a model that remains in the top 5 of the brand's sales since its creation in 2020.

Agnès / Collaboration Louise Hendricks

The collaboration with Agnès, creator of the brand Louise Hendricks, is the latest collaboration of With My Sands.

The meeting between the two creators took place in 2022, at the Who's Next Fair thanks to Virginie Trento from ADC Au-Delà du Cuir. Mathilde and Agnès share a common vision of business and authenticity that brings them together in their projects.

Mathilde designed the shoe and Agnès the jewelry. She was inspired by her iconic jewel called "Little Sun" and complied with the constraints imposed by jewelry on a sandal. A real challenge! Official launch in March 2024.