Gypset Lizard Gold

Gypset Lizard Gold- sandals
Gypset Lizard Gold- sandales
Gypset Lizard Gold- sandalias
Gypset Lizard Gold- sandals
Gypset Lizard Gold- With My Sands
Gypset Lizard Gold- sandals
$95 USD

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Fusion of the Gypsy style and the Jet set elegance. Two distinct fashion inspirations cross, as do the two straps at the front of the sandal, closing securely on the side with a square buckle. Extremely comfortable, chic and effortlessly feminine, the Gypset is the summer statement we all need.

4 Colors : Camel - Black - Lizard Gold - Burgundy

Vegan Material : All our Lizard materials are made with a strong wax cloth, which keep the colors and patent through the time

THE SANDS SIZE VERY SMALL, do not hesitate to look at our "Size Guide" - Click Here


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